DHS 50th Reunion Group Photograph

Class of June 1950

Please help identify the individuals in the Group Photo.  

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 identifying names by numbers

Front Row


Bill Maxwell                                         Marilyn Papa 


 Dorothy Ann Stengle                                               Dorothy Poole


 Mary Skelly                                                     Catherine Hayes 


#7                                                                   Joan Gawda


Rita Murphy                                                      Joan Bender 


Carole Little                                               Margaret Faherty

Second Row


Marilyn Jordan                                 Mildred Rother


 #15                                                       Russell Paul


Pat Skelly                                              John O'Rourke


        Marilyn Glass                                                    #20


Rosemary Mazzucco                                            May Conley

Ben Lane

Third Row


#24                                           Anna Manzo


Roy Letteri                                                   Tom Diamont


Jack Sain                                           John Kyreakakis


 Mabelle Sprock                                 Evelyn Rovneyko


Doris Hartmann                                          Joan Mazzucco


     Albert Vercamen  

Fourth Row


Edison Bastinck                                               #36


         Marge Langone                                             Marie Eckes


Ginny Ford                                                         Roselee Kanis


Geraldine Jaffe                                      John Albrecht

Fifth Row


Jean McFadden                                              #44


           Rudy Bos                                             Rita Giordano


#47                                               Michael Popowicz


Marilyn Quinn                                      Bill Persichetty

Back Row


Helene Carmichael                               Nikki Gambale


Janice Weber                                                       #54


 Fred Rodolfy                                  #56


Robert Bessoir                                   Frank Viggiano


Bill Reidy                                                        #60


#61                                           #62


Mike DeMeo                                            Steve Drennan


#65                                             #66


Barbara Foxall Carroll

Could not attend reunion; but was there in spirit.

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