Across the country and around the world, a new type of street band is emerging. Acoustic and mobile, borrowing repertoire and inspiration from a diverse set of folk music traditions – New Orleans second line brass bands, European Klezmer, Balkan and Romani (Gypsy) music, Brazilian Afro Bloc and Frevo traditions, as well as the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnivale – these “honkers” all share a commitment to several core principles. Metaphorically speaking, they honk their horns for the same reasons motorists honk theirs: to arouse fellow travelers, to warn of danger, to celebrate milestones, and to just plain have fun.  More info at http://honkfest.org/about.htm

We enjoyed this year's Honk! Festival in Somerville, MA on October 11, 2008.

My personal favorite was The Rude Mechanical Orchestra.  Twenty four bands participated this year.


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