Our Trip to Korcula, Croatia

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The top of the Sain family tree...  Mara and Paval Sain


Family Portrait Circa 1915

Top Row: Marija, Marin, Petar & Paval

Middle Row: Jakov, Mara, Paval & Milenko

Two Small Children in Foreground: Dragutin & Branimir

(Ivan & Katherine Not Pictured)


Sain Siblings

-Dragutin, Milenko, Marin, Petar, Jakov & Branimir-

-Ivan (my father), Katherine, Marija & Paval are not shown above-



Ivan                        Katherine                      Paval




-Kata (Ivan), Marija (Marin), Kata (Petar), Marija (Milenko), Anka (Branimir) & Dina (Jakov)-

-Tera (Paval) & Marija (Dragutin) are not shown-

 Note: Of all the siblings and wives, only Anka and Dina are still living.


Korcula Trip Photos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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